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Author Topic: Forum Rules  (Read 8865 times)
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« on: July 24, 2009, 11:30:50 pm »


Our goal with the Free Jag Project is to open up the Atari Jaguar game system to the same levels of freedom enjoyed by the communities of most every other classing video gaming system. This includes the openness of the developers, the release of free games and utilities, and the ability to freely play ROM and CD images of the classic game releases for the Atari Jaguar while still respecting the ability of current commercial developers to keep their software as commercial-only products.

We are providing this forum as a free place for Jaguar fans to discuss the above topics in a free manner, outside of any disruptive forces that have been a part of the Jaguar community in the past. As such, we do wish to establish guidelines for this forum. These guidelines are not meant to hamper discussions, but to help promote the freedom of the community while still maintaining a peaceful and friendly environment.

Forum Rules

Please read the rules listed below before participating in any discussions on this forum. We reserve the right to ban any members who violates these rules and prove to be disruptive or abusive to the forum and its community. Any bans may or may not come with prior warning, depending upon the severity of the offense.

No Spamming

Spamming consists of posting messages or links that are meant as strict advertising of commercial products while having no bearing or relevance to the forum discussions.

Spamming may also consist of repeatedly posting the same message in one or more forums in an attempt to grab attention. Any such activities in this forum are strictly prohibited and will result in the banning of any and all offenders.


Trolling is not an easy term to define, but it generally involves any posts that are meant for the strict purpose of disrupting conversations in any way. Such behavior is usually easy to spot and will not be tolerated here.

Personal Attacks

Debates can certainly become heated at times, and this we understand. However, we also believe that any disagreements with individuals can be worked out in a calm and rational manner. Any member who insists on mean-spirited or insulting attacks against any other member will be promptly warned.

Excessive Profanity

We hardly wish to censor anyone here. However, using excessive profanity can be disruptive to conversations. Any member who insists on using excessive profanity will be warned.

Multiple Accounts

A common occurance on many forums is for members to create multiple "alternate" accounts, usually for the purpose of causing disruptive behavior. Any members who create multiple accounts without express permission from the site admin will have all of their accounts permanently banned. If you had originally created an initial account and are unable to login to it for any reason, please contact the site admin instead of creating a new account.


Please do not upload any excessively large images, videos, or any other types of files to this website. This includes the uploading of large ROM or CD image files. However, you are certainly free to post links to any types of files, as long as there is some type of identification as to the nature of the file at the link.

ROM/CD Images

Due to the nature of this site, any member is more than welcome to post links to ROM or CD image files for any classic Atari Jaguar game. However, we ask that you refrain from doing the same for any game that has been released by an active homebrew or commercial developer. Any posts linking to ROM or CD image files of homebrew games, requests for ROMs and images of these games, or the promotion or open discussion of utilizing ROM or CD images of homebrew commercial releases will be deleted, and any member who insists on repeating this behavior will be promptly banned. If you are unsure of the nature of the ROM or CD image that you wish to post about, please use your better judgement and refrain from posting. Feel free to contact the site administrator or a moderator if you wish to clarify which games are allowed and which ones are not.


Please keep your signatures clean and simple. While we do not wish to impose any restrictions on signatures at this time, we do reserve the right to remove any signatures that are excessively large or disruptive. This includes signatures that use large fonts in the text or large images.

Other Rights Retained

We reserve the right to ban or block any accounts for any reason we deem necessary, particularly for disruptive behavior of any kind that is not explicitly listed in these forum rules.


If you have any questions regarding these rules or anything else in regards to this forum, please email the admin at overlord@atari.org.
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