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Author Topic: Concerns about Free Jaguar Project  (Read 4656 times)
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« on: August 12, 2009, 05:43:49 am »

I would like to make a post on here addressing a few concerns I have seen on one of the other Jaguar forums. I had registered there but I am unable to post in the thread concerning this website, so I will address these concerns here. Many of the topics I address here will be included in the FAQ I am working on for Free Jaguar Project.

What is the Free Jaguar Project all about?

The Free Jaguar Project is my own creation with help from several friends in the Jaguar community. Please view the Mission Statement and About this website threads here for a full explanation of why we created this website.

Is this a pirate site?

No, this is not a pirate site. We are here to be able to freely discuss topics that can not currently be discussed openly on other Jaguar forums without name-calling or moderation. We will not be hosting ROM or CD images of commercially-released or homebrew Jaguar games without the express written consent of the publisher. We merely allow the unfettered discussion of them.

Do you advocate using ROM and CD images of homebrew games?

The previous answer also applies to this as well. We do not advocate the unauthorized use of ROM or CD images of games released by homebrew authors, and in fact will heavily moderate any users and discussions which gravitate to this topic. Please see the Forum Rules for more details.

Why do you have a banned games list?

Our banned games list is for games that we will not allow the discussion or distribution of unauthorized use. We have done this to respect the wishes of homebrew authors and publishers who have invested their own time, effort, and money into the production of these games and who do not wish to have them freely distributed. Any links to ROM or CD images of games on this list will be promptly deleted.

Why do you not have certain games on this list?

Right now the banned games list is specifically for games that have been released by homebrew developers and publishers since the end of the "classic" Jaguar era. We do recognize that this list is not perfect, nor is it comprehensive. This list simply serves as a guide to follow when one wishes to determine which games they are and are not allowed to discuss on this website. Any publisher who wishes to have their Jaguar games specifically added to this list need simply to contact us, and we will be more than happy to make that addition. Likewise, any publisher or author who currently has a game on the list that they wish to be removed need simply to do the same.

Why are you dedicating an entire website to this topic for the Jaguar?

The communities for almost every other classic gaming system have been able to freely discuss the topics on which this forum is focused. However, the Jaguar community for years has been led by a few certain prominent individuals who wish to clamp down on discussions of ROMs and emulators. Since this has unfortunately been the case with the Jaguar community, this website has become a necessity for the evolution of the community into a much fuller afterlife. Our hope is that providing a safe haven for these discussions will allow for the more open discussions of the use and hacking of ROM images, the badly needed development of fully working emulators, and above all, a Jaguar community that has managed to leave behind the years of fighting and name-calling with the promise to work together to make the Atari Jaguar game console more open and accessible to everyone.

Is this website just a front for the purpose of ripping off homebrew developers and pirating their games?

This is the most ridiculous allegation so far. We would not go out of our way to forbid the discussion of pirating homebrew games if this were the case. In fact, our ultimate hope for this website is to spur homebrew development for the Jaguar to new heights, not to drive development into the ground. If you are a homebrew developer who has any concerns about the pirating of your games, please feel free to contact me and I will do whatever I can to help make sure this does not happen.

Why has my specific question not been addressed???

Because you have not asked it of me. Smiley If you have any more questions about the purpose and nature of this website, please email me at overlord@atari.org.
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