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Author Topic: About this website  (Read 3839 times)
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« on: July 23, 2009, 07:13:29 am »

As most fans of classic gaming systems who have participated in a community of like-minded individuals over the years have seen, the systems as well as the communities have undergone an evolution of sorts throughout the years proceeding the official commercial demise of their respective systems. Once commercial support dried up for good, the fans have been able to greatly extend the life of the system after death by creating and publishing their own games along with the dumping of ROM images of abandoned commercial games. This has allowed people to freely enjoy these gaming systems of the past as well as helping to provide newcomers with the ability to experience certain moments of history first hand and well after the fact. Developers have also been free to create better development tools for these systems, which has allowed for continued hobbyist development to flourish.

The Atari Jaguar system has been a little different from most other defunct gaming systems. When Atari officially pulled the plug on the system, there were still several commercial developers and publishers who continued support of the system, much of which lasted well over a decade after the system's demise and some of which continues to this day. While this has allowed Jaguar fans the opportunity to purchase a handful of newly released games over the years, this has also had a negative effect on the community as well. The unfortunate effects of this have included the stifling of underground attempts to open up the Jaguar to hobbyist development as well as the lack of development of console emulators. While the Jaguar has essentially been a commercially unsupported system for over a decade now, it has only been recently that capable development tools (including emulators) have become available.

The most unfortunate effect, however, has been the continued stifling of attempts to open up the system to allow it to be enjoyed by the same amount of people as many other classic gaming systems. While we believe it is certainly understandable for commercial developers to not allow the dumping and trading of ROM images of their own creations, we also believe that the community as a whole has also been stifled from enjoying games from the classic era of the system. This in turn prevents many people who do not have the financial resources to afford many of the increasingly rare and expensive hardware and software products from being able to discover a hidden gem in the history of classic gaming.

Our goal with this website is to allow the Jaguar to become as free and open as most other defunct gaming systems while still respecting the few current commercial developers who have a vested financial interest in their own creations. To do this, we wish to provide a free place to discuss emulation options for the Jaguar as well as the freedom to participate in the downloading of images of no longer commercially supported products without the fear of retribution by a small but vehemently vocal segment of the community. We hope that this will allow the community to flourish to a level where this website will no longer be necessary. We do not wish to compete with the other large Jaguar community hotspots, but to complement them in allowing free discussion of topics that are currently not allowed on those respective websites. Hopefully, with enough support and the patience of the community, the Jaguar can finally enjoy the same freedom that is generally afforded to most other classic gaming systems.
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